"Needlepaints" Specialty Threads

"Needlepaints" specialty thread is 100% Egyptian cotton, dyed in Japan, and processed in the United States. They are in 10-meter skeins, and there will be an antique-looking manila card printed in L&L blue. They are labeled with each number clearly visible on a hang tag. There are three color families......each one has the palest pale version and darkens down to the darkest dark of that color. 100% guaranteed colorfast!!!!!!

Designers had been reaching for these colors for years and Marilyn decided that if she wanted them she would have to make them. So she did. And she used them. The "Needlepaints" were her way of creating the dreamed-of colors.

The colors in the collection are (shade numbers are light to dark):

  • 6 shades of Lavender/Blue [2001-2006]
  • 5 shades of Orchid [2007-2011]
  • 6 shades of Robin's Egg Blue [2101-2106]
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