Lilli Violette

Cheery samples of life that will bring a smile to your face. "My patterns, colored and simple, tell about some tender childhood moments and about warm atmospheres of houses and landscapes. I try to share my love for embroidery and sweet feelings by the union of tradition and innovation. I find my inspiration in my daily life, looking for the harmony in the smallest details. Since I was a child my favorite games were fabrics, threads and dolls and I was always in the knitting lab of my mother and her sisters, just searching for woolen pieces and small fabrics with which I could create my own projects. I started cross-stitching when I was in elementary school, during recreational activities in the afternoon: in order to calm us down, our teachers used to show us how to embroider. I immediately fell in love with this technique and year after year I've embroidered the charts by different authors thus creating some projects for my house and for my friends and taking part to different courses about several different crafts. Since 2006 I've been creating my patterns for the brand Lilli Violette."
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