Caron collection

Caron Collection

Watercolours: Three ply hand-dyed pima cotton in variegated colors. It has a silky sheen when used with long, flat stitches. 10 yd skein
Wildflowers: Single strand hand dyed cotton. Matte finish when stitched. 36 yd skein
Waterlilies: 12 ply hand dyed variegated silk. Gives subtle sheen when stitched. 6 yd skein
Impressions: Blend of 50% silk, 50% wool. 36 yd skein
Soie Cristale Solid: A twelve-ply solid color spun silk. Use the solid colors the same as you would use Waterlilies, which is dyed on natural or WHITE Soie Cristale. 6 yd skein
Snow: Six strand synthetic metallic thread. Polyester/polyester filament. 10 yd skein
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